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For you, your team, and/or your organization.

For Organizations

This custom-tailored solution helps you reduce unnecessary costs, increase productivity, foster collaboration, and achieve satisfaction across the organization.

For Individuals

Available now on the App Store. Our personal resiliency tool helps you combat the chaos of the digital age, by helping you thrive in it.


To create innovate technology for organizations and individuals to help both thrive!

From individuals to organizations, people experience the effects of depression, negativity, and addiction more and more every single day – no one is immune, and the cost is significant.

Garlew was created not only to help people combat and solve this problem, but become their best. Rooted in hundreds of years of psychological and sociological study and research, Garlew’s unique software solutions establish and reinforce critical-thought, focus and clarity, optimism, collaboration and purposeful action – ultimately, helping people achieve resiliency.