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Garlew for Individuals

Building healthier, more resilient minds


We exist to help people get more out of life. And that starts with personal development and understanding. Other networks want you to focus on where others are going and what they are doing.

But you need “you” time. Away from the noise. Time to clear your head and relax. Time to feel good about who you are and where you’re going. With Garlew, you are the foundation.


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Let’s be honest, nobody really likes ads, so we won’t bother you with them.

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Stop endlessly scrolling through feeds, it’s time to start your own journeys!

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No likes, upvotes, negativity, or games – just the content that truly matters…yours.

Helping you connect with those you value.
We believe in the power of strong relationships – that technology can strengthen, not separate us. Our software is designed to help people focus on and grow closer to those who matter most.
Other networks encourage you to have hundreds/thousands of friends, most of which you barely know and never will. This is simply not realistic, nor helpful. At Garlew, we help you meaningfully connect with those you value.
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Life is meant
to be lived

But other networks want you to scroll through as much content as possible – so they can generate clicks and saturate you with advertisements. It’s annoying, but also addictive and leads to inaction.

At Garlew, we don’t want you to spend hours on your phone or computer, we want you to go and do – and we push you to that.


Hours Spent Per Day on

At Garlew, we think this is way too high. After 30 minutes, we even encourage you to get off your phone and go experience the world!

Reduces Stress

Emotional Resiliency

Life is chaotic, and we exist to not only help you manage it, but feel better about where you are going.

Life is stressful. Interacting in a digital, social environment doesn’t always help. Other networks are filled with negative news, often resulting in rants or disagreements. We’ve stripped all that away and developed a negative emotion reduction tool that helps you focus on the good in life while overcoming all that is less than ideal.


We can help and we’ll prove it — with tangible data, always.

We provide our users real-time data and metrics, so they don’t ever have to wonder about the benefits of our application.

Happiness Score

Good Moments

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If you want to enjoy life, accomplish things, and thrive, you have to think. More. There is a lot going on around you: noise, people, work, etc. and if you don’t take time for yourself, you’ll get buried in it.

Our notification system helps facilitate this process by sending you reminders and thoughts throughout the day to help you be more effective. But we don’t stop there, our Recap feature helps you reflect on what happened during the day. As a result, you will build optimism, uncover trends, mitigate sadness, develop resiliency, and ultimately feel good about what you are doing and where you are going! This all starts with thinking!


Simply swipe up or down to start creating. Don’t just forward and share other people’s work – what you think, feel, and see matters.

Add pictures and/or include details.




Share your most meaningful and joyful moments with those you care most about; ultimately, improve friends’ days while strengthening your relationships.


Do you want to get more out of life? Exploration is the catalyst. Within Exploration, you will be challenged to think, create, and take action out in the world – away from your devices. In doing so, you’ll explore concepts, find places, and meet new people!