Garlew for Organizations
Specifically designed to help you develop and maintain a resilient, creative, happy, and effective company.
Proven & Validated
Our organizational solution not only interfaces individually with each member with an entire suite of tools designed to drive resiliency, but also provides leadership a bevy of metrics that help them lead, identify and overcome deficiencies, and achieve critical company objectives!

Solve Problems

Problems, whether work or personal, affect an employee’s performance. Our entry system is designed to help employees work through problems of all types, while remaining engaged and energized on the task at hand!

Team Cohesion

Through our Challenge and Sharing features, employees can quickly establish a meaningful rapport with one another. Whether it’s overcoming obstacles or holding each other accountable, it’s time for your team to actually feel like a team.


Our intuitive, non-invasive, and on-the go, two-way feedback system allows supervisors and subordinates to track highlights or deficiencies discretely, address in the moment, or save for a later, more appropriate time.

Employee Mindfulness

We focus on Emotional Intelligence. Our unique notification system prompts employees to think critically about a variety of things (work, home, the future, etc.), then create actionable responses.

Real-Time Metrics

Access to real-time engagement and emotional data gives leaders unparalleled insight into their people in order to take the next step, identifying problems and acting accordingly

Employee Engagement

What we do at work matters. Everything and everyone. Garlew helps inspire this feeling because employees who feel like their voice matters develop ownership, and therefore are more engaged.

Purpose & Focus

Challenges and Focus Areas allow employees to create personal and professional goals anywhere, anytime - driving attainability. In doing so, we decrease stress, minimize anxiety, and enhance almost every aspect of life.

Work/Home Balance

A tool promoted by an employer that encourages not only professional goals but personal ones, further binds the employee to the workplace - leaving them with the feeling: this isn’t just a place I work at.

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Why does your organization need Garlew?

Resiliency and engagement across the organization are vital to survival. Without them, you are likely incurring avoidable costs, setting the stage for dysfunction, decay, and decline.

Are your competitors using innovative technology to retain, develop, and enable their workforce?


  Lost per employee

Every year, on average, organizations in the U.S. pay $1,600 per employee in lost productivity, missed work days, and avoidable care.

We Can Help

Every organization is a little bit different: different structure, personnel, requirements, objectives, constraints. Our custom-tailored Commercial solutions ensure we provide the ideal plan for you to ensure you are always effective.

Our Plans:

$4.99/per person per month
1 Team Portal
Monthly Reports
Garlew Challenges
Custom Pricing Options
10 Team Portals
Weekly Reports
Garlew + Custom Challenges
On-Boarding Session
Custom Pricing Options
Unlimited Teams
Live Metrics
Garlew + Custom Challenges
On-Boarding Session + Consultation
Custom Feature Requests
Priority Support